Hope Children's Home in Nepal

HOPE Family


“Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders”

Making a difference in Nepal by touching the

lives of individual children.


Our Vision

To create children’s homes where all the orphans have

opportunity and resources to develop their potential in the

best possible family environment.

Our Mission

To rescue children at risk and give them a home and family

by providing for emotional, spiritual, physical and

mental growth. We wish to educate and empower a child,

thus equipping the child for a better life.

Our Goal

To support deprived and under privileged children

through families, children’s homes, and communities thus

enabling them to become self supporting and responsible

members of society.


Facts about Nepal


A beautiful country—home to the Himalayas and

Mount Everest, Nepal is one of the poorest countries

in the world.


The majority of people live on less than one US dollar

per day.


Many women and children are widowed and children

orphaned due to many years of internal conflict.


Child labour is high and most of the children do not

have access to education.


Many people die due to simple diseases as a result of

poor living conditions and unsanitary water.


Nepal is the only country in the

world with a flag that is not rectangular.

How you can help


Become a sponsor - there are several different types

of sponsorship and you can choose the one that you

would like to invest in.


Pray for the Home parents—Brother Nepal and Sapana—

as they are raising the children.


Tell others about the Hope Home and encourage

friends to get involved as well.


Contact Action International for more information.