2010 Annual Report



Baysville, Ontario





Bethune United Church governs itself with committees of Stewards and Elders who, along with other officers, members and adherents of the church comprise the Board.  Significant Board decisions are taken to the congregation for ratification.  The Stewards and Elders usually conduct their committee meetings preceding the Board meetings.


The Board as a whole met for its AGM on January 21, 2009 and held Quarterly Meetings on April 29th and Sept. 30th.  Special Congregational Meetings were held to reveal and discuss the results of the Church Survey and to strike an Accessibility Committee.  Another Congregational Meeting took place on Oct.28th.  At this meeting, the Accessibility Committee presented various options which would allow for accessibility for the congregations perusal and input.


Major events throughout the year include the following:

·         a January 11th afternoon lunch and 'Travelogue' enjoyed by many at the home of Dick and Marlene Robinson

·         a successful bazaar and tea at the church in early July followed closely by a profitable church barbeque at the Baysville Walkabout.

·         a very enjoyable church picnic held on the grounds of the church on Sept. 20th.  Good food, fun and games and wonderful camaraderie

·         an annual favourite Holly Berry Tea and Bazaar on Nov. 28th

·         a hugely successful Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings on Sat. Dec. 12, organized by Louise Garrod and her hard-working team

·         the M&S Fund  goal was significantly exceeded

·         a rewarding, reassuring and reaffirming Presbytery Oversight Visit on Sunday, May 3rd

·         Gord and Nancy Bell created and distributed a beautiful new Church Photo Directory

·         Grant Service organized a Men's Discussion Group

·         Pastor Sue conducted a well-attended study group entitled 'Reading the Bible for the First Time'

·         Doris Gonder once again assumed the Directorship of our 'Ministry of Music'

·         the Survey committee created and distributed to the congregation a Church Needs Survey and later reported its findings based on a study of the survey results

·         the Board approved the formation of an Accessibility Committee

·         the Benevolent fund once again reaped the benefits of Bruce and Doug Thomas' efforts in organizing the annual Dickie Lake Association's Food Drive

·         the Board would like to express its gratitude and appreciation for the continuing support of the U.C.W. who work so hard and contribute so much to the life of Bethune

·         the Board also wishes to thank Jane and Grant Service for preparing and organizing our weekly after church service fellowship time

            Richard Robinson

            Chair of Board



Bethune United Church would like the world to be just the way God wants it.

Through our contributions to M&S, we work hard at making that happen as told in the stories of Minutes for Mission that is read during the Sunday service.  We help people in China and Guatemala and Zambia and Canada.  We work in schools and in shelters for people with no homes and in kitchens making meals for the hungry.  It takes money to do that and that money comes from our gifts to the Mission and Service Fund.   When we give our money to M&S,  we can do wonderful things for people that make them happy and excited.

We can be proud of our church and our efforts.  Again, we met and exceeded our commitment to M&S.

Thank you for your support.

Barb Morrow

M&S Enthusiast







                          Jan. 1, 2009.                                                                                 $ 0.00



                  Direct Deposits                         $2346.00

                  Envelopes                                   4291.70               $6637.70



                  Deposits to H. of M. M&S                                      6637.70               



                          Dec. 31, 2009                                                                               $ 0.00




Sherry MacKinnon

Mission & Service Treasurer                                    






Chair of Session                      Joy Seymour               Clerk of Session          Barb Morrow

Chair of Board                                    Richard Robinson       Secretary                     Marlene Robinson


Elders  *                                  Joy Seymour   (Chair)             2009

Tina Bax                                  2009

Doris Gonder                          2009

Robert Lawson                       2011

                                                Bruce Thomas                         2011

                                                Nadya Tarasoff                       2012

                                                Barb Morrow (Sec’t)               2013



Stewards *                               Scott MacKinnon                    2009

Jane Service    (Treas.)            2010

Bernie Bax                              2010

                                                Lynn Lawson                          2010

                                                Brooks White                          2010

Helen White      (Sec’t)           2011

                                                Marlene Robinson                   2011

                                                Grant Service                          2011

Dick Robinson   (Chair)          2011



Trustees                                   Dick Robinson

                                                Joy Seymour

                                                Bruce Thomas


Treasurer                                 Jane Service

Ministry/Personnel                  Joy Seymour, Grant Service 

Presbytery Rep                        Grant Service

UCW President                       Doris Gonder

Church School Supt                Sherry MacKinnon

Worship Committee                Doris Gonder, Louise Garrod, Robert Lawson

Pastoral Lay Visitors               Tina Bax, Nadya Tarasoff

Pianists                                    Kim Lambert, Robert Lawson, Doris Gonder



* Terms of office are 5 years for Elders, 3 years for Stewards, and end in December of the year indicated.



Session / Elders Report - 2009

The duty of the Session is to oversee the spiritual interests of the congregation which include:

-  the admission of persons into full membership, their removal and the granting of  certificates of transfer of membership.                                                                                                                                             
-  administration of the sacraments - Baptism and Communion.                                    
-  the religious training of the youth and the organization of meetings for Christian fellowship, instruction and work.                                                                                                            
-  the order of public worship, including the service of praise and the use of the church
-the care of the poor and the visiting of the sick.                                                                                                                   
-  the outreach of the Congregation in evangelism and social action.                                               
-  Bethune's Session also acts as the Planning Committee.                                                                        
-  each member/Elder of the Session has an assigned area and keeps a list of the members and adherents residing within that area.                                                            

Most of the Elders wear more than one hat so duties often overlap.

Some Highlights of 2009 events area as follows.

1.  Held 3 meetings.                                                                                                                                                                   
2.  Welcomed new members:   Rita Fallows, Gord and Nancy Bell and Stuart and Dorothy Stoddart

3.  Baptism - Seth Grayson Craymer.                                                                                                                                                                                               

4.  Four Communion dates.                                                                                                                                                                

5.  Greeter and Reader roster.                                                                                                                                               

6.  Bible and book study - The Shack and Experiencing the Bible Again for the First Time  

7.   Coffee hour and Birthday Sunday by Grant and Jane Service and Mary West.                                                                        
8.   Music leadership by Doris Gonder, Kim Lambert and Rob Lawson.                                                                                      
9.   Easter sunrise service and pancake breakfast hosted by the men.                                                                                           

10. Summer picnic on the church property.                                                                                                               

 11. Responded to a local need with the Benevolent Fund.                                                                                                                                              

11. Village carolling.

The Session is thankful for our Pastor Sue Wood's guidance and example in all that they do.

Barb Morrow  Clerk of Session




We continue to have Sunday School classes each week at Bethune. We have four regular students and we have as many as ten who often attend.


Our Sunday School teachers are Louise Garrod and Sherry Mackinnon (with some aunts and Grandmas who often help us out). We made some very interesting and fun crafts throughout the year which the children love to create under Louise's guidance. We find that if we keep things interesting it helps the students to learn.


We are always looking for new Sunday School teachers with new ideas and skills. Please contact Pastor Sue Wood if you think you would like to be part of the Sunday School team.


Sherry Mackinnon

Sunday School Superintendant



In 2008, Bethune United Church embraced its past with the celebration of its 125th anniversary.  In 2009, as the pioneers and founders of the church once did many generations before us,  the Stewards looked ahead to the future and tried to envisage Bethune's place and role in the community for its future generations.  To this end, we created and conducted a Church Needs Assessment Committee.  The results of this committee revealed the need for the formation of a Feasibility Committee to address the accessibility of the church for all members.  Much time was devoted to this task and the congregation was presented with several options to address this issue.  Work on these two committees took much of the Stewards' time throughout the year.

In addition, the Stewards of Bethune United Church identified and successfully completed several projects which include the following:

  • The Bethune Battalion of hard workers tackled the job of spring yard clean-up.  Many thanks to Grant Service for donating the wood chips to help keep the weeds under control in our beautiful flower beds.
  • We organized and ran an enjoyable Church Picnic on Sept. 20th
  • We replaced the large 'Bethune United Church' sign at the entrance to the Church
  • We had insulation blown in over the ceiling of the church to conserve energy costs
  • We had the roof of the narthex re-shingled by Gord Dark
  • We had a temperature sensitive heat line installed to resolve our water back-up problem in the basement
  • We express our thanks to Cindy Fleury who set up a new accounting system for us and who continues to prepare our annual tax form.

The Stewards would like to express their appreciation once again to the entire congregation for its continuing support and generosity to our church.  More and more members are joining the automated Par System of weekly givings which helps to ensure that the bills can get paid even if we cannot attend church services each and every Sunday.  We are thankful to Bruce and Doug Thomas who are always ready to help out in any capacity and, in particular to Bruce, who clears the snow from the church at no cost to us.  Thanks also to Scott MacKinnon and Bob Garrod for looking after Bethune's grass cutting in the summer months.  Special mention should also be made to Jane Service who efficiently and expeditiously looks after the task of seeing that the Bethune's bills get paid on time.

We are blessed to have very generous people in our church who enrich Bethune through their time, talent or treasure.

Richard Robinson

Chair of Stewards



As most of you know, Toronto Conference has restructured its Presbyteries.  Toronto Conference has decreased the number of Presbyteries from nine to four.  This means that the areas covered by one Presbytery are much larger.  The Presbytery that Bethune is part of has been named “Living Waters.” 

Living Waters Presbytery plans to meet five times a year on the third Saturday of February, April, June, September and November.

There are five committees consisting of:


·         Community Connections and Right Relations Commission

·         Congregational Life Commission

·         Personnel Commission

·         Spiritual Development Commission

·         Vision and Church (Re)Development Commission


Being a new member of Presbytery, or should I say ‘the new kid on the block,’ I have not been assigned to a commission yet, so I will let you know which committee I will sit on.  I am eagerly looking forward to getting my feet wet.


For the past three years, I was “the minister to the minister” or Pastoral Support Minister under the Muskoka Presbytery.  Since Muskoka Presbytery no longer exists, my role as support ministry was terminated.  I believe that Living Waters Presbytery is interested in maintaining the role of Support Minister and I have been asked if I was interested in this role in Living Waters.  I gave the affirmative, but have not heard anything yet.


Thanks for placing your faith and trust in me to represent you and I will do all that I can to keep you informed as to the comings and goings of Living Waters Presbytery.


Tina Bax

Presbytery Representative



                        Chair of Session          Joy Seymour               Clerk of Session          Barb Morrow

                        Chair of Board                        Richard Robinson       Secretary                     Marlene Robinson


Elders*                                                Robert Lawson                       2011

                                                            Bruce Thomas                         2011

                                                            Nadya Tarasoff                       2012

                                                            Barb Morrow  (Sec't)              2013

                                                            Joy Seymour (Chair)               2014

                                                            Tina Bax                                  2014

                                                            Doris Gonder                          2014



Stewards*                                           Jane Service                            2010

                                                            Bernie Bax                              2010

                                                            Lynn Lawson                          2010

                                                            Brooks White                          2010

                                                            Helen White (Sec't)                 2011

                                                            Marlene Robinson                   2011

                                                            Grant Service                          2011

                                                            Richard Robinson (Chair)       2011

                                                            Scott MacKinnon                    2012


Trustees                                               Richard Robinson      

                                                            Joy Seymour

                                                            Bruce Thomas


Treasurer                                             Jane Service

Mission & Service Enthusiast             Barb Morrow and Louise Garrod

Worship Committee                            Doris Gonder, Louise Garrod and Robert Lawson

UCW President                                   Doris Gonder

Presbytery Rep.                                   Tina Bax

Church School Supt.                           Sherry MacKinnon

Pastoral Lay Visitors                           Tina Bax and Nadya Tarasoff

Pianists                                                Kim Lambert, Robert Lawson and Doris Gonder


           * Terms of office are 5 years for Elders, 3 years for Stewards.  Terms end in December of the year  indicated.





The U.C.W. decided it was time for Bethune to have a really big Turkey Dinner as a fundraiser.  The main planners of this event were Louise Garrod and Helen White.  The only place big enough to hold the Turkey Dinner in the community was the local arena. The date that was available for the dinner was Dec. 5, 2009.  The plan was to sell 150 tickets to the community @ $15 each.  Thus the Turkey Dinner preparations began.

The committee consisted of Louise Garrod, Helen White, Sherry MacKinnon, Jane Service and Grant Service.  Luckily, Jane and Grant had prepared big dinners at their previous church and so they were invaluable for estimating amounts, providing recipes and in giving tips on how to cook everything.

Over 160 tickets were sold to the members of the church and community.  With the addition of feeding the helpers, it turned out that 170 dinners were prepared.  Louise commented that "We have a few kinks to work out for the next time, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and said everything was hot and good".

The Turkey Dinner made $1812 in profit and so the hard work was well worth the effort.  The U.C.W. would like to thank everyone who helped and everyone who attended.  What a good start to the Building Fund!



The U.C.W.'s sale of Christmas puddings was another great success.  The group decided that they would double the amount they made in 2008.  Thus, 103 Christmas Puddings in different sizes were prepared.

The U.C.W. would like to thank Shirley Prittie for generously donating the ingredients for one full batch of puddings, including bowls, brandy and much more.  The U.C.W. bought the ingredients for the second batch of puddings. 

The community, remembering the delicious puddings of 2008, quickly purchased all of the Christmas Puddings.  The U.C.W. realized $890 in profit from their efforts.  Many thanks to all who supported this U.C.W. fundraiser.




Written by:  Stella Gopsill

Performed by:  Doris Gonder, Stella Gopsill, Rita Fallows and Dorothy Stoddart

The U.C.W. is where we meet

At church, or home or on the street.

We help the elderly and the weak.

Sometimes we visit, sometimes we eat

And sometimes we have a gathering gay

Just to pass the time away.

Also, to be friendly and Christian

We send young girls to camp and to listen.

We raise the cash by catering and teas,

Bazaars and Sales and other fees.

Christmas time, we go a Caroling

'Round the village to each shut-in

We bring a bag of cookies, too,

For the Joy and Gladness true.

At Easter time we say a prayer

By the river, standing there.

In the morning sun,

To us, our Easter has begun.

Then back to Church we go

To enjoy our pancakes and sausages so.

If someone's in need, we are there

With a helping hand to share.

That's what our U.C.W. is all about

So now we can stand back and shout!