Annual Reports 2007

Bethune United Church Baysville Ontario











         PASTOR’S MESSAGE – 2007



Everything Old Is New Again


This past fall and early winter Anita and I took a Photoshop course at Georgian College.


The goal of our instructor was to teach us how to take our photographs and improve on them as well as taking old photographs and restoring them to their original glory. 


But more times than not we went beyond the original glory of the photograph.

With a push of a key and the sweep of a mouse we could make amazing changes to the image in front of us.


There were many a time that I would say to our instructor “how do you do this again!?”

And very patiently she would once again show me the steps necessary to for me to reach my goal.


As I began to reflect back on my experiences while taking this course it reminded me of how God can work in our lives.


With us God is able to take the “old photographs” – our memories - of our lives and use them in their original glory. 

But God is also able to take those “photographs”- those times in our lives - that may need some image adjustments and bring them to a beauty beyond our understanding.


God has been at work with a Spiritual Photoshop at both the Bethune and Knox churches.


I invite you as 2007 comes to a close and 2008 begins her maiden voyage into our lives to look back through the photo album of your life; through your Christian walk and ponder upon the wonderful images that God has given to your life.



Pastor Sue





Chair of Session                       Joy Seymour

Clerk of Session                       Kim Lambert


Elders   *                                  Myrtle Ryckman                       Life Member

Shirley Ellis                               2011

Robert Lawson             2011

                                                Tina Bax                                   2009

                                                Bruce Thomas                          2011

                                                Joy Seymour    (Chair)             2009

                                                Doris Gonder                           2009

                                                Kim Lambert    (Sec’t)             2008

Barb Morrow                           2008

                                                Nadya Tarasoff                        2007


Stewards *                              

Jane Service                             2010

Scott MacKinnon                    2009

Helen White       (Sec’t)            2008

                                                Marlene Robinson                    2008

                                                Dick Robinson   (Chair)            2008

Bernie Bax                               2007

                                                Betty Findlay                            2007

                                                Sybil Hicks                               2007

                                                Lynn Lawson                            2007 

                                                Mabel Summerville                   2007

                                                Brooks White                           2007



Trustees                                   Betty Findlay

                                                Joy Seymour

                                                Robert Summerville     


Treasurer                                  Jane Service (Mabel Summerville retired as Treasurer in   June ’07)      

Ministry/Personnel                    Joy Seymour,   Nadya Tarasoff           

Presbytery Rep             Allan Parker

UCW President                        Doris Gonder

Church School Supt                  Sherry MacKinnon

Worship Committee                  Doris Gonder, Louise Garrod, Robert Lawson

Pastoral Lay Visitors                 Tina Bax, Nadya Tarasoff

Pianists                         Kim Lambert, Robert Lawson, Doris Gonder


            * Terms of office are 5 years for Elders, 3 years for Stewards, and end in                                     December of the year indicated.

                                                                 BETHUNE UNITED CHURCH


         JANUARY 1 -DECEMBER 31, 2007



                Benevolent                                                 1,378.50            

                Donation The Huntsville Forester                   0.00         

                Envelopes                                                27,310.79            

                Fun Night Funds                                               65.00         

                G.I.C. Bank Int.                                             209.33            

                General Donation                                        1,250.00          

                GST Return                                                   527.89            

                Lenten Calendar                                             37.90            

                Loose                                                        2,035.38              

                Norway Point                                             1,850.53            

                Property Tax Refund                                      48.60           

                Sunday School                                              45.00             

                TOTAL INCOME                                    34,758.92           



                Ads                                                                                              81.82

                Furnace                                                                                      129.27

                Honorarium                                                                                 200.00              

                Insurance Property                                                                   1,037.88            

                Misc                                                                           139.62

                Sue Wood Gift                                                            100.00              

                TOTAL Misc                                                                              239.62              

                Muskoka Chaplaincy Assoc.                                                      500.00           

                Muskoka Presbytery Assessment Fee                                        999.00         

                Office                                                                           75.77

                Bethune In Bloom Cards                                            217.00             

                Offering Envelopes                                                     110.35             

                TOTAL Office                                                                           403.12               

                Printing and Reproduction                                                        522.12             

                Repairs                                                                      829.12 

                Floors                                                                        937.78 

                Landscaping                                                              348.46               

                Storage Shed                                                          1,496.68               

                Topsoil                                                                     265.00 

                Windows                                                                1,256.25

                TOTAL Repairs                                                                      5,133.29               

                Sanitation And Plumbing                                                          287.47             

                Snow Removal                                                                           250.00               

                The Huntsville Forester                                                             105.20             

                The Locks Pastoral Charge                                                    21,441.24           


                Electric                                                                  1,264.76  

                Oil                                                                          2,974.67  

                Water & Sewer                                                         275.00

                TOTAL Utilities                                                                     4,514.43



                TOTAL EXPENSES                                                              35,844.46             


                OVERALL TOTAL             -1,085.54                                                





                Bethune United Church                                  10,661.53   

                GIC 2112-8013667-01                                              5,367.53               

                GIC 2112-8013667-02                                          5,569.92   

                GIC 2112-8013667-03                                        10,321.75   

                GIC 2112-8013667-04                                        10,377.05   

                GIC 2112-8013667-05 (Trust Fund Money)   7,729.22    

                GIC 2112-8013667-38                                          5,367.53   

                GIC 2112-8013667-39                                          5,367.53   

                GIC 2112-8013667-40                                          5,367.53


                TOTAL Bank Accounts                                 66,129.59   


                Liability Accounts                              

                Manse Equity                                                                        -14,333.33


                TOTAL Liability Accounts                                                    -14,333.33          



               OVERALL TOTAL                  51,796.26            



Jane Service, Treasurer






Bethune United governs itself with committees of Stewards and Elders who, along with other officers of the church, comprise the Board. Significant Board decisions are taken to the Congregation for ratification. Over one-half of our regular congregants hold positions of leadership in our Church.


The Stewards and Elders held meetings several times during the year. The Board as a whole met for its AGM on January 24 and for a General Meeting on September 12. Significant decisions included the following:


Ø   M&S Contribution from the Congregation was increased from $4000  to $5000.

Ø   The Benevolent Fund is to be supplemented by special envelopes on Communion Sundays.

Ø   A 125th Anniversary Planning Committee was created consisting of Louise Garrod(Chair), Nadya Tarasoff, Robert Lawson, Tina Bax, Lynn Lawson and Scott MacKinnon.

Ø   The Labyrinth Project was completed and the opening ceremony is to be planned with the Worship Committee.

Ø   The cedars at the side of the church will be replaced by foundation plantings.


Again this year Bethune and Knox churches joined forces for a Christmas Cantata performed in each of the churches. ‘My Diary – in which a latter day Scrooge discovers the true meaning of Christmas’ was created by Robert Lawson who led the combined choirs of Bethune and Knox. The weekly rehearsals paid off, and this outstanding event was appreciated by everyone.


There were the following changes in our congregation this year:



Matthew James Paul MacKinnon

Carson James Solman

Benjamin Michael Blake Seymour

Thomas Andrew Frederick Seymour

Mathew Willem Van Seters

Kailey Rebecca Van Seters

Erin Grace Van Seters

David Adrianus Van Seters


                        Dick Green


New Members:

                        Service, Grant

            Service, Jane

            Fisher, Linda Toner

            Prittie, Shirley

            Joy Seymour, Chair of Session



The duty of the Elders, or Session, is to oversee the spiritual interests of the congregation. In addition, each Elder is responsible for communicating with assigned members and adherents. This year the Elders met on January 24, February 25, March 21 and November 8. In addition, ad hoc meetings were held for routine matters. Matters of significance this year included:


Ø      A weekly advertisement of our church times placed in The Forester.

Ø      Contribution of the Sunday School Talent Funds to the Baysville Youth Group and the Baysville Skating Club.

Ø      Creation of  Name & Address cards for visitors.

Ø      Development by Sue Wood of a Sunday School Kit for the children and Sunday School teachers.

Ø      Approved an Adult Study Group series on Living the Questions.

Ø      Carried out two church dinners and a church picnic.

Kim Lambert, Secretary





In 2007, we welcomed two new Stewards to Bethune:  Scott MacKinnon and Jane Service.  Scott was baptized at Bethune and has been a life-long member of Bethune.  Jane is now taking over the role of Treasurer, from Mabel Summerville who has held this position for many years.  Thanks to Mabel for a wonderful job of looking after our finances for all these years.


This was another busy year for the Stewards of Bethune United Church.  During the year, the Stewards successfully completed many church projects.


v      In January, the painting of the washrooms was done.  Now, all the painting within the church is completed.

v      In the spring, a work crew created flower beds on each corner of the church property.  On the south side lot line, a row of evergreens was planted.

v      Four well-worn original windows in the Sunday School room were replaced with vinyl-clad windows.  The window sash was clad around each window, as well.

v      The Sanctuary floor was sanded and varnished to a beautiful glow.

v      In September, Bruce and Doug Thomas brought in their front-end loader and removed two cedar trees from the north side of the building.  (The Board had voted on their removal.)

v      A load of topsoil was ordered, and a work crew got busy and created a new flowerbed where the cedars had been.  This bed was filled with flowering shrubs and perennials.  The soil was spread, leveled and seeded to add to our existing lawn.

v      The side patio was re-done in order to improve drainage and avoid a wet basement.  Shrubs were planted around the patio.

v      In October, a storage shed was erected.  The shed came as a request of the U.C.W. and they generously donated half of the cost of the structure.  The shed is already being used by the U.C.W. for storing their items for bazaars etc.

v      In November, caulking was applied to the roof of the fire exit in an effort to stop leakage where the two buildings join. 

v      In December, Dick created special thank-you cards for Bethune United from an oil painting which he had titled ‘Bethune in Bloom’.   These cards were printed at Big Print Inc.

The Stewards would like to express their appreciation to the entire congregation for its continuing support and generosity to our church.  We are thankful to Bruce Thomas for clearing the snow from the church, at no cost to us.  Thanks also to Scott MacKinnon and Bob Garrod for looking after Bethune’s grass cutting.


We are so blessed to have very generous people in our church who enrich Bethune through their time, talent or treasure.

Richard Robinson, Chair of Stewards




This Nominating Committee Report has been up-dated to reflect several changes to the list of Officers of the Bethune United Church Board.




Nadya Tarasoff has agreed to a new term, ending 2012.




Jane Service replaced Mabel Summerville as our Treasurer in June, 2007.  We would like to thank Mabel for keeping such fine records over the years and for all her hard work for Bethune.


Jane Service’s term will end 2010.  Mabel will continue her role as a Steward.  Her term will end in 2010.


Betty Findlay, Bernie Bax, Lynn Lawson and Brooks White have all agreed to accept a new term as Stewards, with their terms ending in 2010.




Allan Parker has resigned as our Presbytery representative.  Allan represented Bethune at our Presbytery meetings for many years.  We would like to thank Allan for his dedication to this task.  Grant Service has offered to take on the role of Acting Presbytery Representative.


-Nominating Committee for 2008:  Kim Lambert, Richard Robinson and Marlene Robinson.





The Bethune U.C.W. group hold their meetings on the third Wednesdays of the month at 1:30 pm.

            President:  Doris Gonder

            Secretary:  Shirley Ellis

            Treasurer:  Helen White


There are 12 members. Three of these members are now registered as Charter Members. Although there only are these few members, we have been able to continue to find ways to help others.


This year we contributed towards the cost of TV for Margaret Pysher while she was in hospital. We also participated in the World Day of Prayer service held at the Catholic Church, and had 2 representatives attend the annual U.C.W. meeting in Windermere. Our group also sent 2 children to summer camp for a week. We provided lunch for 2 funerals this year. Over the year we send out many cards: Thank You, Condolence, Thinking of You, and Christmas Visits.


We plan for our Summer Bazaar, Walkabout, and Holly Berry Tea, and arrange for church cleaning and Birthday Lunches. This year we were able to buy a tent to keep our workers cool at our Bazaar and contributed towards the purchase of a storage shed.


The charities to which we contribute are as follows: Sleeping Children, Massey Center, Interval House, 2 Hospitals, Manna Food Bank, Salvation Army, Chrystalis, M&S, and the local Skating Club and Food for Christmas.


We would like to thank everyone for all the help we have received to make it a successful year.



Shirley Ellis, U.C.W. Secretary

Bethune UCW

Financial Statement



Balance at January 1, 2007                                                                       $4,034.93



Monthly envelopes                                    $226.00

Upper Room                                                10.00

Bazaar/walkabout                                     5195.15

Catering                                                     400.00

Supper/Breakfast                                        356.00

Donations                                                 1006.89

Interest                                                             .25

Calendar Sale (2006/7)                              260.00

Miscellaneous                                             414.00

Pennies                                                           7.00


Total Income                                         $7,875.29                                 $11,910.22




Snow/Grass                                              $480.00

Kitchen                                                        53.76

Postage                                                        11.02

Donations                                                 2815.00

UCW Dues                                                  36.00

Community Outreach                                1884.00

Bethune United                                         1522.77

Bazaar/Walkabout                                    1530.27

Miscellaneous                                             415.44


Total Expenses                                       $9268.75                                    $2641.47


Bank Balance at December 31, 2007                                                         $2641.47


                                                                                                    Helen White, U.C.W. Treasurer





The Minutes for Mission Readings were included as part of the Sunday Service to maintain the visibility and importance of the Mission and Service fund for the United Church. We are grateful to Barb Morrow, as our Mission Enthusiast, for organizing this activity. Thank all of you for your generosity in helping us to meet and even exceed our goal of $5000.00 for 2007.



Balance            January 1, 2007                                                                        0.00



            Envelopes         $4980.56

            U.C.W.                800.00                                             5780.56



            Deposits to Locks M&S           $4980.56

            UCW Direct                                 800.00                     5780.56


Balance            December 31, 2007                                                                 0.00


Sherry MacKinnon, Mission & Service Treasurer








Nadya and Tina are pastoral lay visitors at the Huntsville and Bracebridge sites of the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare  Services. Nadya also continues to visit Fairvern Nursing Home. The focus of the visits is on the spiritual and emotional needs of the patient/resident, without being intrusive. As pastoral visitors, we can see United Church affiliated people in the Special Care Unit as well as in regular wards. We also stay in telephone contact with congregants when they are hospitalized outside the District. Tina Bax, who worked as a clinical chaplain in Sarnia for 15 years, also provides weekly visits to the Huntsville Hospital as a volunteer chaplain.  On-going visiting of Bethune family members is provided by the UCW and the Elders.


Both Tina and Nadya attend the meetings of the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare Pastoral Care Group.  Tina also leads worship services at the Huntsville Hospital and serves on the Muskoka Chaplaincy Association.

Nadya Tarasoff, Pastoral Lay Visitor









   In looking over my previous Presbytery year end reports, I realize that I have been your Presbytery Rep. now for the past 9 years.  It has been a pleasure and an honour.  However, it is now time for another to take my place.  I know that whoever it is, will experience the same personal and spiritual growth that that I have had.  As well they will naturally develop an appreciation in the broader aspects of the United Church of Canada. But at the same time, they will also develop a much greater realization and appreciation of just how special Bethune and our other small rural churches are. In many ways, they are the “backbone” of The United Church of Canada.


   Fortunately for Muskoka Presbytery, things were quiet over the past year and all matters of business were straight forward and easily accomplished.  As quiet as it was in Muskoka, it was the reverse for Toronto Conference.  At  last year’s annual meeting the Conference restructuring was approved. The basis of the restructuring would be the reduction from 9 to 4 Presbyteries with Conference resources being moved into the Presbyteries. It is hoped that by doing this, Presbyteries would be strengthened, that there would be better support for ministers, and that “programming” would be improved for our churches.  To accomplish this many taskforces were established.  It is only now that the taskforces are reporting back to our Presbyteries and it is hoped that final recommendations will be taken to our May 2008 Annual Meeting.  If passed the new  structure will take effect in June of 2009.


   Again, I thank you all for the opportunity of having represented you over the past many years both at Presbytery and Toronto Conference. And to Bethune’s new representative, you will be coming in at a very exciting time and although you may have lots of work to do, as so often the case, you will end up getting back, far more than you put it.                                                                                                   


Al  Parker, Presbytery Representative